What to take into account when choosing a rechargeable toothbrush

Finding the perfect rechargeable toothbrush for yourself is not an easy task. Too many models are on the market and they come with a lot of different features. Some you may never have considered necessary or even thought of before like a sanitizer or a multi-voltage charger.

Major companies like Oral-B or Philips come up with new rechargeable toothbrush models all the time, each claiming theirs are better than the competitors’. It is easy to lose your perspective when challenged with so much choice.

Seriously, what do you really need an electric toothbrush for? Cleaning your teeth, right? So this should be your main focus. Although some of the available extras do make sense to certain people, they are just that – nice to have but non-essential features.

If you want to take your rechargeable toothbrush abroad, a multi-voltage charger can be a plus. Also a travel case to protect your electric toothbrush. But let’s be honest, if you travel just two weeks a year on holiday you could use a manual toothbrush for that time and safe a lot of money.

Do you go a lot on short trips? If so, keep an eye on the battery life of your power toothbrush. Some can be used for a week without recharging and spare you the need to carry the charger with you.

For families that want to share the rechargeable toothbrush handle the possibility to store several brush heads neatly might be important. Color coded brush heads make it possible for every family member to easily identify his or her brush head. Just check if there are enough different colors available for all family members.

If you don’t keep the electric toothbrush in the charger all the time an indicator for battery charge status is a useful feature. This is a features only low end rechargeable toothbrushes are missing.

You also want to keep the charging unit as well as the rechargeable toothbrush itself clean. So models are easier to clean than others. While an UV-Sanitizer is a comfortable way to reduce germs on your brush head, there are also lots of other possibilities to reach the same goal.

Smokers, people who love coffee or red wine might want to look for special brush modes to remove stains from their teeth. Toothbrush users with sensitive gums need a brush modes that lets them clean their teeth without causing bleeding. If you really need five different brushing modes to clean the inside of your mouth is up to you. Generally more brushing modes mean higher price.

And not all our mouths are equal in size. While some people feel comfortable with bigger brush heads others may not or find it difficult to reach all parts of their teeth.

Finally the overall design might be a factor for you. How well does the toothbrush fit your hand? Does it get slippery when wet or does it have some rubber parts in the right places. Can you turn it on easily?

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